isumm™ Abex Double Designer Radiator - 600 X 767

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Size: 600 X 767
Color: White

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Material:  Low Carbon Steel   Installation:  Wall Mounted

Transform your home with the ISUMM™ ABEX Double Designer Radiators, where functionality meets elegance. Dive into a world where warmth wraps around you with sophistication, making every room not just a space, but a haven of comfort and style. Discover our black horizontal radiator the perfect blend of high performance and sleek design, tailored to enhance your living environment.

Unmatched Efficiency

Experience the epitome of warmth with these small radiators, engineered to deliver unparalleled heat distribution. Feel the cozy embrace in every corner of the room, ensuring those chilly days are nothing but a distant memory. The ISUMM™ ABEX series promises to keep your space toasty with its efficient heating capabilities.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

Embrace a touch of modernity with the ISUMM™ ABEX's sleek lines and minimalist design. This black horizontal radiator not only serves as a source of warmth but also as a statement piece, elevating the aesthetic of any room. Its compact size, 600 X 767, ensures a perfect fit in various spaces, making it a versatile choice for any homeowner.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Join the green revolution with a radiator that prioritizes eco-conscious living. The ISUMM™ ABEX series champions energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint while keeping you warm. Enjoy the benefits of a warm home without compromising the planet's well-being.

A Warm Invitation to Comfort

Step into a world where warmth and design coalesce, creating an ambiance of true comfort and sophistication. The ISUMM™ ABEX Double Designer Radiators offer a sanctuary from the cold, enveloping you and your loved ones in a blanket of warmth. Make a statement with bathroom radiators that complements your décor and becomes the centerpiece of your room.

Product Transportation

Barcode: 5060766128788
Country of origin: TURK
Commodity code: 7322190000

Product Measurements

Product Weight (KG): 22.3
Product Width (mm): 767
Product Height (mm): 600
Product Depth (mm): 85
Product Length (mm): 0

Primary Packed Measurements

Packaged Weight: 23.95
Packed Length: 640
Packed Width: 460
Packed Height: 110

Packaging Weights

Card (kg): 0
Paper (kg): 0
Wood (kg): 0
Plastic (kg): 0

Compliance DOP

Size: 600 X 767
Color: White

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