isumm™ Clip Vertical Towell Radiator Rails

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Color: Anthracite
Size: 1082 x 550w

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Introducing our Clipper Vertical Towel Rails, a versatile and efficient solution for keeping your towels well-organized and easily accessible. Crafted with a straightforward and user-friendly design, these rails make the process of towel storage a breeze.

Manufactured with durability in mind, they are built to withstand everyday use, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance. The Clipper Vertical Towel Rails not only add functionality to your space but also contribute to a tidier and more organized environment.

Whether you're in the bathroom, bedroom, or any room where towels need to be at hand, the Clipper Vertical Towel Rails offer a practical and stylish solution to meet your needs. Elevate your living space with the simplicity and convenience of Clipper Vertical Towel Rails, making towel management a seamless part of your daily routine.


Height Width Pipe Centre's Wall Pipe Centers Watts BTU
1082 550 85 75 694 2369
Color: Anthracite
Size: 1082 x 550w

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