isumm™ Infinity Horizontal Radiators

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Color: Anthracite
Size: 600h x 560w

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Infinity Horizontal Radiators are designed to efficiently heat your living space. They come in a horizontal orientation, which means they are wider than they are tall, making them suitable for walls with more horizontal space available. This feature can be particularly beneficial for rooms where vertical wall space is limited.

These radiators are built with durability in mind, so you can rely on them for long-term and consistent heating. They work by circulating hot water through their panels, which then radiate warmth into the room, creating a comfortable and cozy environment.

By choosing Infinity Horizontal Radiators, you are investing in a reliable and practical heating solution for your home. They are a straightforward and effective way to maintain a warm and inviting living space during colder months, ensuring your comfort and well-being.


Height Width Pipe Centres Wall Pipe Centers Watts BTU
600 560 560 75.5 826 2817
600 748 740 75.5 1106 3774
600 1030 1040 75.5 1501 5122
600 1218 1218 75.5 1778 6068
600 1406 1406 75.5 2050 6996
Color: Anthracite
Size: 600h x 560w

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